Filydoc is a simple document system as web site.

Contents are provided by Markdown files. You can edit contents by your favorite editor.


Avoid complex sub systems

Today, there are many document systems as web site. They are very useful but many of them needs some advanced but complex sub system, such as database, ruby engine, etc.

For many people can use a system, we hope few requirements of it.

Simple requirements

Filydoc depends on Apache and PHP only. They can work on default setting in many of web hosting servers.

You don't need to learn about sub systems because you don't need to customize configuration of them.

Simple deploy

All you have to do is as follows.

  1. Download Filydoc archive and extract it.
  2. Editing .md files.
  3. Upload Filydoc folder to web server.

Easy learning

Filydoc supports Markdown text format. All you have to learn is Markdown syntax only. It's very simple.

Easy categorize

Folders behave as categorys of contents. You can categorize contents by simple file operation.